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You want a drink over your thirst? A cool beer turned into several bottles? That’s the way most Germans do from time to time. That doesn’t matter at all, because everyone can have a little fun from time to time. If it weren’t for the damn fat head the next morning or the colloquial „hangover“, as we all say.

Headaches, possibly also vomiting or an uncomfortable feeling make sure that the day after the party becomes a pure catastrophe and you can’t use the affected person anymore. In order that this is not always the case, however, it would make sense to deal with the hangover tips, which should help against the fact that the hangover continues to intervene in the everyday life, when one has still so much before.

A hangover is a sign that the alcohol has sucked the water and necessary nutrients out of the body, so that the next day everything is missing in the truest sense of the word. On this occasion, experts already advise during the party that every now and then 1 glass of water is drunk in order to balance the body and thus the minerals are not missing. Finally humans need these and exactly on it it depends. The first tip is therefore that the body receives enough fluids not to have the next day with a thick head. Another tip is that in the evening before going to sleep, the tried and tested effervescent tablets from the drugstore are used immediately, where magnesium, calcium, iron & Co can be found. These already help in the evening that the hangover stays away in the morning and the fitness returns accordingly.

This procedure can be repeated in the morning. Basically everyone knows the „hangover killers“, which are composed of the many elements such as magnesium, vitamins, calcium & Co and ignite the same.

Another basic recommendation is that a balanced breakfast should not be missing. A mixture of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins & Co. For example, a scrambled egg with peppers etc. would be a good basis to get everything back in that strengthens the body and last night made sure that the night of the party showed the hangover. Some even swear by eating well to have a basis for the party. Fatty is probably the best way to at least not quickly get a thick head. However, it has to be said that this doesn’t help against the hangover as such, but rather that you don’t get drunk faster, which in turn can be responsible for the hangover being delayed longer. It is important to note that the lack of fluids is compensated by alcohol consumption, which means that sugar and water are drunk every now and then during the party. This is always advisable in the form of cola, fanta, sparkling water with lemon/sugar, because otherwise the hormone balance will drop completely and the body and hangover won’t be long in coming.

The following tips are to be noted for a threatening hangover, so that it does not take up in any case the next day and one hangs as a concerned person only in the well-known „ropes“.

1. drink a lot of water
2. salt against the loss of nutrients
3. fresh air often does you good
4. a cold shower or cold water to the face
5. eat salty food during the party, such as chips, salt sticks, etc.

Who follows these tips will notice that the male cat has hardly a chance to creep in more. It can be so easy to prevent the hangover and it is absolutely recommendable to create a good basic basis directly before the party, as is possible with fatty foods, because then the alcohol takes longer to extract the nutrients and the affected person gets drunk. So simply everyone prevents a hangover intensively.

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