How can I recognize alcohol poisoning?

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Who doesn’t know the feeling? You experience a nice evening with friends and have a drink about thirst!
Very easily the personal limit is overlooked and that can end badly of course.

Are there warnings that you can (should) pay attention to?
Of course, you would like to stop drinking the very same sip of beer that brings you alcohol poisoning and ultimately you have to go home with a (normal) intoxication. But how can you tell that you have really consumed a threatening amount of alcohol?
The first sign of this is a certain amount of loss of reality. You can’t see a uniform sign, because every person reacts differently to excessive alcohol consumption. Basically, however, one can say that one cannot perceive space, time and even one’s own person properly any more.
Other people also have a feeling of irritation and aggression. The balance and the coordination of the movement sequences are also no longer given.
One recognizes this (mostly only outsiders) by the fact that the person has a fluctuating gait.
If this gait occurs, the drunk already has a state of intoxication in an advanced stage.
Draw the line between intoxication and life-threatening poisoning.

One has already arrived at a degree of poisoning, although of course this is not to be classified as life-threatening. As a rule, the body tells people anyway that they have already drunk too much. The danger rather occurs when the alcohol has not yet solidified in the blood. It takes some time for the alcohol to actually get into the blood. Only then does it become a threatening scenario for the person concerned. In practice, therefore, such problems only occur if the percentage is high. If you drink a bottle of vodka in a very short time, you poison your body in a very short time. Such actions have often already led to immediate death.

In the normal case the unconsciousness follows before a poisoning. Before that, one only appears dizzy and loses one’s natural protective reflexes. You don’t feel any pain anymore. At the end of this series of symptoms there is often unconsciousness. As already mentioned, in the worst case it can also come to respiratory arrest.

How do you protect yourself against the threat of alcohol poisoning?
If you know the series of symptoms, then you can also protect yourself from alcohol poisoning. If you pay attention to the warnings mentioned above, you can also protect yourself against it. Forced vomiting is best and most helpful. It empties the stomach and protects the body from alcohol poisoning.

Please note that this article does not replace a medical diagnosis and in case of an emergency you should call an ambulance or emergency doctor immediately.



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